Secondary Splice Boxes with Overlapping Lid

Secondary Splice Boxes with Overlapping Lid

Available in green or gray gel-coated finish, our secondary splice boxes offer a superior strength, lightweight and durable field product.

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Fiberglass secondary splice boxes are easily installed and  are available with a matching lid. Optional threaded inserts provide added security.

ProGlass manufactures the finest fiberglass electrical boxes in the industry.  Our commitment to excellence guarantees you will install a satisfactory product – every time. 

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Superior strength, lightweight, and durable

▪ High Strength-to-Weight Ratio and  Internal Reinforced Ribs: When quality and durability matter, our superior strength won’t let you down.

▪ Easy Storage: Compact size, generally tapered for nesting, reducing storage yard requirements.

▪ Non-conductive and Corrosion Resistant: Fiberglass construction prevents conductivity of electrical currents, eliminates the need for grounding, and offers a fire-resistant finish.

▪ Non-skid Surface: Each lid is made with a super non-skid diamond-patterned surface.

▪ Added Security: Penta-head bolts offer additional protection against tampering.

▪ Balanced: A perimeter lip at the base provides added stability.

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Optional Lid Secured with Penta Head Bolts

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